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There are few things more satisfying than taking your own freshly-baked loaf out of the oven; the look, the smell, the crackling sound of the crust cooling and, of course, the taste. Join us in a small, informal group to pick up techniques and understanding to get you started or take you further in baking your own bread. This is hands-on baking with practical tips, time to discuss and compare notes, plenty of opportunities to sample what we bake and lots to take home to share with appreciative friends. Baking your own bread is so easy to do, needs no special equipment, tastes great and you know exactly what's in it.

A bit of background

Our classes have been running now for nine years, starting with classes of friends and moving out to friends of friends mostly living nearby. Now we are happily welcoming people from across Scotland and beyond.
Involvement with the food movement in Fife and Edinburgh has helped me to make many contacts across Scotland who have taught me so much and given support and technical help to make our bread classes better. However, throughout we have kept things simple, no dough hooks, retarding cabinets, special bread ovens, proving ovens or any other specialised equipment and no unusual ingredients. The emphasis is to show how easy, cheap and accessible home made bread is.
Adding interesting flavours can have a technical aspect but often has no more impact on a loaf than the icing on a cake so with classes we are not so concerned with making gruyere and pecan white loaves, rather with making a good plain white loaf.
We are out to learn the look and feel of dough at each stage, and to recognise when the dough is ready to move from one stage to the next. Once you have that everything is possible.

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For more information or if you have any difficulty booking please email or call me on 07840258550.

Classes in January, February, March and early April are now bookable via Eventbrite . If you want to make a group booking for three or four people for a full day class then please contact me directly to get a reduced price.
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