BreadinFife baking classes as they used to be are now finished though we are running online workshops for friends now and then. The website will stay up till November to give access to our recipes and notes on bread baking books. Thanks for your company and support over the last eleven years.

Baking your own bread is easy, doesn't take up much space, you don't need special equipment or exotic ingredients, it doesn't involve much work you just need to be there for the next step, the breads taste great and you know exactly what's in them.
Keep things simple. You don't need dough hooks, retarding cabinets, special bread ovens, proving ovens or any other specialised equipment nor any unusual ingredients. It's surprising how easy, affordable, accessible and delicious home made bread is.
The recipes aim to describe the look, smell and feel of the dough at each stage, and give help in recognising when the dough is ready to move from one stage to the next.

For online sessions

  • We use jitsi meeting not zoom because it is free and has no time limit.
  • Chrome, Firefox and the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser worked with Jitsi. Older Microsoft browsers and Safari didn't work. No login or account is needed.
  • Print the recipes you need from the recipe page to use while you bake.
  • Check that you have the ingredients or reasonable equivalents.
  • For most recipes you need a timer, kitchen scales, a dough scraper, a 2 litre bowl or bigger, a cooling rack, a baking tray and baking parchment. Any additional tools needed are mentioned in the recipes.
  • For some breads there may be preparation to be done the day/evening before.
  • Have something which you will enjoy eating with what we have baked.

The directions below help to get workshops up and running ; >)
  • Join the meeting a little early so you can check the link and hardware/settings
  • Make sure that your tablet/phone/laptop is fully charged.
  • Please mute the microphone at your end to cut out background noise. Turn it on to give comments or ask questions.
  • Remember our time zone Edinburgh, UK (GMT)