Books on baking bread

A quick search for books on baking bread on Amazon UK brings up over 10,000, all good in their own way, I'm sure, but seek out the ones that cover how and why and not just what. The books below are my favourites, chiefly because the recipes are interesting and easy to follow. If you push me, I would say the first two are my favourites.

Flour Water Salt Yeast

Ken Forkish

The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza. Crystal clear descriptions. Uses a Dutch oven to give great flavours and a wonderful crust. This is one of my favourite books on breads.

How to Bake Bread

Emmanuel Hadjiandieou

Great step by step photos with clear instructions. Such a wonderful range of exciting breads. This is one of the best bread books I've seen.

Bourke Street Bakery

Brilliant pictures and beautifully produced. Good explanations. The recipes work as described - good rationale to everything AND it covers Australian pie making!

Bread Baking, An Artisan's Perspective

Daniel T. DiMuzio 2010

A student/teacher text book with so much background information, and explanations for these mystical bits and pieces that we normally take on trust. Highly recommend it.

The Handmade loaf

Dan Lepard : Mitchell Beazley 2004

A splendid selection of recipes from around the world all very succinctly explained, interleaved with stories of the bakers Dan Lepard met on his travels. This is the one I keep going back to for ideas.

Bread Matters: The State of Modern Bread

Andrew Whitley : Forth Estate 2006

If you want to understand the bread making processes, and the properties of all the ingredients, then this book is for you. Good recipes too.

Dough - Simple Contemporary Bread

Richard Bertinet : Kyle Cathie 2005

Stunning layout and photographs combined with crystal clear instructions. The sections of the book lead on from white dough, through olive dough and brown dough to sweet doughs.

Crust - Simple Contemporary Bread

Richard Bertinet : Kyle Cathie 2007

Much more explanation in this second book with good step by step photos.

Scottish Cookery

Catherine Brown 1985

Not specifically on bread, but has 25 pages on oat & barley recipes for farls, bannocks etc, and 40 pages on cakes and baking all from a Scottish perspective.

English Bread and Yeast cookery

Elizabeth David

This is a mine of information and a good read. Maybe dated and splendidly opinionated in places but so much useful technical and interesting historical text.

Baking with Passion

Dan Lepard & Richard Whittington

Half on breads including techniques, and half on cakes so if you want to move from baguettes to brownies at the turn of a page this is your book.

Making Bread Together

Emmanuel Hadjiandieou

"Step by step recipes for fun and simple breads to make with children". Yet to try the recipes but they look brilliant - minestrone sourdough, cherry & chocolate stollen, flowerpot garlic bread.

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