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For more information or if you have any difficulty booking please email baking@breadinfife.co.uk or call me on 07840258550.

Bread at home

1/2 day and full day classes in Granton on Eventbrite for June, July, early August

Baking with friends?

If the the existing Granton classes aren't quite what you want then choose what you would like to make from BreadinFife recipes. Not all breads will fit together easily in one class perhaps because of long proving or baking times. A phone call or email conversation will sort that out. Cost is £240 for the group, maximum of four. We don't run gluten free or sourdoughs classes.

Bread at home vouchers

The gift of a voucher lets a friend book the baking class they fancy. To see what the voucher looks like, download and print click on voucher.
To buy a voucher contact me on 07840258550 or email baking@breadinfife Once you have payed (through Bacs not via Eventbrite) I will email a number for you add to the voucher. Your friend will use this number when they book.
You can buy either a half day or a full day class voucher.

Baking at Larder Go

For classes at Larder Go café in Blackfriars Street Edinburgh see Edinburgh Food Social Eventbrite

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