Baking for breakfast

You need to choose the bread to enhance the other food you serve for breakfast but these breads can all be the basis for a delicious meal: Milk loaf, Lemon bread, soft rolls, soda bread, Staffordshire oatcakes.

Milk loaf

Because of the butter and syrup in this bread it toasts quickly to a lovely golden brown.

Soft rolls

These are made with butter and milk, soft and tanned. Thanks to Catherine Brown for this recipe.

Soda bread

Soda bread is also quick to make but should be eaten right away either at breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack on a Sunday. There are as many soda bread recipes as there are kitchens; mine is a wee tinned loaf using oatmeal and wholemeal flours.

Lemon bread

Light lemon scented bread with a lovely yellow crumb. Great with a poached egg. The scent of the lemon zest comes back when you toast this next day.

Staffordshire oatcakes.

These are equally good with savoury or sweet fillings.

All the recipes are on this website so you can have a more detailed look at what we do or just get cracking.

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