Baking for Christmas

The breads in this 6 hour hands-on class have very distinctive tastes. By balancing the flours we choose with the flavours we are going to add we can end up with wonderful breads. In addition most of the recipes in this class involve copious amounts of butter and to counteract the effects this has the gluten we add eggs too. In the class we learn how to handle these very soft buttery/eggy doughs. We should manage four of the breads below in a class but not all of them.


Really one of these things where homemade beats shop-bought by a mile.

Polish Poppyseed Roulade

filled with poppy seeds, mixed peel, ground almond and butter.


Shortbread made simply, with good butter and baked slowly is a delicious treat.

All the recipes are on this website so you can have a more detailed look at what we do or just get cracking.

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