Our Classes (now in Granton)

Classes are for a maximum of four so it's easy to ask questions or get a bit of help now and then. Also we need a minimum of two people booked before a class goes ahead. We usually start by reviewing what we are going to make, snack whenever the opportunity arises then break for a late lunch based on something we have baked. If you have special dietary needs then it may be wise to bring something for lunch; text or call to clarify.

Aprons are provided and paper carrier bags are available to take your breads home.
If you are likely to be late please let me know (text or call 07840258550). We may start without you but someone will make a double batch so that you can step in at the same stage as everyone else.

Use the booking page to make a booking or to see if places are still available.
Group bookings are available, saving £20 on two tickets, £45 on three and £60 on four. If you book four places then we can tailor the class to suit your group. Phone or email to discuss what you want to bake.
For more information or if you have any difficulty booking please email baking@breadinfife.co.uk or call me on 07840258550. To hear about new class dates sign up to the Breadinfife newsletter

Click on each class for more detail.

Baking basic breads (half day)

Wholemeal loaves, pittas, oatcakes, seeded rolls

We should manage to bake all of these with a bit of snacking along the way. The aim of the class is to get the feel of the dough at each stage (mixing, kneading, shaping and firing) and know when to move from one stage to the next.

My favourites (full day)

Pirozhki, challah, lemon bread, olive bread.

Very different techniques for each one of these. The pirozhki dough is half way between a pastry and a flat bread, delicious either way. Challah is a soft, buttery, eggy dough, plaited and glazed to make a wonderful breakfast treat. Lemon bread is easy and surprisingly more-ish. The lemon scent leaps out again when you toast it. Olive bread made with a little rye, semolina and wholemeal is light and delicious.

Artisan breads (full day)

White, wholemeal, harvest and walnut cobs, breadsticks.

These crusty artisan cobs are the best breads I make.

The cobs are all made using overnight ferments. These doughs are quite soft so they need different handling and shaping from your average white loaf. Development of gluten is done with minimum effort by gently folding the dough in the bowl. We will also make breadsticks, again using a pre-ferment.

Some French breads (full day)

Fougasse, croissants, soleilles, baguettes

Fougasse is easy and fun. Soleilles are basically rolls but with a twist in the shaping. Croissants are easier than you think. We will bake four of these in a class.

Some Italian favourites (full day)

Focaccia, pizza, panini and pizza

We will bake four of these in a class.

Easter buns and biscuits (full day)

Hot cross buns, saffron buns, digestives, pittas

Hot cross buns are fun to make, delicious and to quote another baker "if it's not Easter then leave off the crosses". Platted sweet German easter bread sounds good too!

platting cob soup bowl