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Our Classes

We usually start by reviewing what we are going to make and in full day classes we break for a late lunch based on something we have baked. Click on each class for more detail.

Classes in October/November will be added to Eventbrite shortly.
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Baking basic breads (half day)

Rolls, wholemeal loaves, pittas, oatcakes

Either we each make a batch of oatcakes or we make a communal batch, depending on time. The aim of the class is to get the feel of the dough at each stage (mixing, kneading, shaping and firing) and know when to move from one stage to the next.

My favourites (full day)

Pirozhki, challah, croissants, oatcakes.

Very different techniques for each one of these. The pirozhki dough is half way between a pastry and a flat bread, delicious either way. Challah, a soft, buttery, eggy dough platted and glazed to make a wonderful breakfast treat. Croissants; there's the challenge of laminating the dough with butter (lots of butter!) then the fun of shaping and glazing them. With oatcakes the revelation is how easy they are to make and just how good they taste.
And will we have time to make digestives? Hmmmmm. Let's hope so!

Crusty no-knead breads (full day)

White, wholemeal, harvest and walnut cobs, pirozhkis, digestives.

The cobs are all made in casseroles (dutch oven baking) using an overnight pre-ferment. These doughs are quite soft so they need different handling and shaping from your average white loaf. The term "no-knead" is slightly misleading as we do require to develop the gluten in the dough however it is all done with minimum effort and with the dough remaining in the bowl. We will also make pirozhkis (like vegetable filled pasties with a soft pastry shell) for lunch and some biscuits if we have time.

French & Italian (full day)

Fougasse, croissants, pizza, focaccia, baguettes

Focaccia is easy and quick with infinite variations depending on your taste. We will bake four of these in a class.

Breads, good and quick (half day)

focaccia, soda bread, naan bread, pittas,

What makes bread quick? Well a short time in the oven helps: scones, pitas, naan, rolls, arabian flatbread, maneesh, Staffordshire oatcakes. On the other hand not having to knead or prove dough for an hour speeds things up: scones, soda bread, biscotti & biscuits generally.

Buns and biscuits (full day)

Hot cross buns, saffron buns, digestives, pittas

What makes a bun a bun?

A la carte (full day)

You decide what you want to bake

If you see a class advertised on Eventbrite with no tickets sold then why not grab the day and make it yours. Phone or email me to discuss what you want to bake. Not eveything fits neatly side by side perhaps because of oven time or maybe proving time but we will do our best to make it your choices. Have a look at the BreadinFife recipe page to see what you can choose from.
For this to go ahead you need to have three or four places booked.

Contact details

Mobile: 07840 258550
Email: baking@breadinfife.co.uk

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