Baking Basic Breads

This half day hands-on class covers essential breads by which I mean breads you might enjoy everyday, breads to rely on like wholemeal loaves, pittas, rolls and oatcakes. These versatile breads fit into any meal, rolls or toasted wholemeal for breakfast, white loaves for a light lunch, oatcakes with soup or wholemeal and a salad in the evening. We may vary what we bake (and we are open to suggestions).
The aim of the class is to show you how to mix, knead, shape and fire bread and also to help you understand when the dough is ready to move from one stage to the next. Once you have all that under your belt you can tackle pretty much any bread.

Wholemeal bread

We will use old dough from a previous baking to give a boost to the taste of the bread. "old dough" sounds a bit yukky but it is a traditional baker's technique and is really simple.

Malt and rye flour rolls, malt & walnut rolls or light wholemeal rolls

Quick to make and the flour and seed combinations are endless. Fun to experiment with.

Coarse oatcakes

Tasty, cheap and quick to make, keep well, healthy, go with sweet and savoury: seems a bargain! The technique is straightforward, the ingredients are readily available and the only equipment you need is a baking tray and an oven (well maybe a bowl and a spoon too)

White pitas with onion seed or Sesame

Easy, quick and versatile. Fun for young fingers too.

All the recipes are on this website so you can have a more detailed look at what we do or just get cracking.

coarse oatcake just rolls pittas