Some very French breads

In this 6 hour hands-on class we usually manage to make four breads from: fougasses, focaccia, croissants, baguettes, biscotti and we snack from the start; all of them are delicious straight from the oven.You will learn how to handle and shape very moist doughs, some with oil, some without. These wet doughs also suit kneading techniques different from the usual heel of the hand method.


Unlike the fougasse and baguette doughs croissants use a stiff cold dough so that the butter doesn't melt when we get around to adding it. The dough needs to be cooled repeatedly through to stop the butter from being absorbed into the dough. There is a helpful diagram to remind you of the layering and folding. If there is time in class we can try making bears' claws with marzipan filling.

Wee baguettes

The trick is to use a really wet dough but not so wet you can't handle it once it is proved. The moist dough is what develops these lovely holes you fill with butter/jam etc. The flour you use is important too.


Really pretty. This is a bread which gets the maximum crust into the minimum space. It is best eaten as soon as it is cool enough not to burn you because it really really doesn't keep. Goes well with dips like olive oil/balsamic vinegar or humous.
Scary fougasses for Halloween

Soleils - a bit of fun

sunburst rolls fougasses wee baguettes