mice rolls

Baking for fun

The breads in this 6 hour hands-on class are easy and apart from the buns are really quick. It's fun shaping mice, cutting out the dough from a loaf to make a soup bowl and shaping spirals of dough to make St. Lucia buns.

St. Lucia Buns

Swedish buns spiced with safron, cardamom and orange zest. Nothing else tastes quite like these.

A small white loaf/ soup bowl

A white loaf or a slightly smaller soup bowl.

Harvest mice

Fun to shape and bake. Use one batch of white roll dough for 12 mice.

Staffordshire oatcakes

A yeasted oatmeal and white flour crepe, delicious with sweet and savoury.

All the recipes are on this website so you can have a more detailed look at what we do or just get cracking.

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