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Baking Gluten Free Bread

Catherine Baker of The Auchtermuchty Cake Company who has a wealth of experience in gluten and wheat free baking is running gf baking classes in conjunction with BreadinFife. The next of these "The Essentials of Gluten Free Baking" is on 14th July. The menu is pizzas (for lunch), corn bread, white loaf, oatcakes and oatmeal crepes.
While Catherine is the expert guiding us all, I expect this to be a class where each person attending will be contributing information on ingredient suppliers, recipes, disaster stories and triumphs.
Please be aware that the emphasis is on gluten free baking and the recipes do use eggs, butter and milk. You can check the ingredients in the gluten free section of the class recipes to be sure that you are OK with the ingredients in all or at least most of the breads. If you have questions please email me

Gluten Free breads class recipes

Coarse Oatcakes & Staffordshire Oatcakes Easy to make and keep well.

Soft loaf white & brown Tasty!

Pizza base Main ingredients are brown rice flour and tapioca starch and egg whites.

Soda bread Chunky rustic bread with an earthy flavour.

chestnut&chorizo corn bread Lovely texture and great flavour.

Gluten free ingredients and suppliers

Tilquhillie Fine Foods for gluten free oat flakes ie rolled oats and mueslis
Alford Oatmeal for gluten free pinhead and medium oatmeal, available online. This is expensive oatmeal; including carriage it is £7 per kilo compared with my normal bulk bought Hogarth's oatmeal at £0.72 per kilo.
Doves Farm has a range of gluten free flours available via Amazon UK and Green City
Xanthan gum from Doves Farm
Bakery Bits for tins, trays, breadforms and all other baking paraphenalia.
Doves Farm Quick Yeast is Gluten Free, Wheat Free and suitable for Vegan diets. Available from Pillars of Hercules.
Allinsons Easy Bake Yeast is also described as gluten free and is available in supermarkets.

Our pick of the best GF cook books and websites

Bread Matters: The State of Modern Bread

Andrew Whitley : Forth Estate 2006

Contains a 30 page chapter on gluten free baking which describes the baking properties and flavour of gluten free flours

How to Bake Bread

Emmanuel Hadjiandieou

Has a good gluten free corn bread recipe and basic gluten free loaf with seeded and fruited variations. 95% of this book is on baking with strong bread flour so this is not a book to buy for its gluten free content but it is so clearly written it's worth borrowing or getting via local library.

Glutenfree on a shoestring has some great recipes.

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