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Since we are working in a domestic kitchen our environment is not nut free. In the recipes where I normally use dairy products there are alternatives given for vegans. We use mainly but not exclusively organic flours, for instance the oatmeal we use is from Hogarth's mill in Kelso; wonderful meal from local oats, but not organic. The flours are mostly from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire or Bacheldre Mill in Powis
The butter and milk are always organic. For tins, trays, breadforms and all other baking paraphenalia look on Bakery Bits. If you come on a course you get a Bakery Bits discount.

Yeasted white breads

A big, crusty white bloomer
Just flour, water, yeast and salt in this traditional loaf. Great for sandwiches or good in the centre of the table to eat with anything that needs mopped up.
A big, crusty white loaf made in a Dutch oven ie big heavy casserole
The casserole keeps all the moisture in which gives this loaf the best crust out of all the breads I bake.
A simple white loaf
Some foods call for a lighter texture and taste than wholemeal so knowing how to bake a good white loaf is important.
Tiger topping for a white loaf
I prefer a dusting of flour and a few deep slashes as decoration but TT is good for a change (and dead easy)
A small white loaf to use as a soup/stew bowl
This is the same dough as the simple white loaf with the quantities adjusted to make 3 soup bowls. No they don't leak, even when you have second helpings.
Seeded wholemeal rolls
Use all strong white flour or 50/50 wholemeal and strong white flour, but the flour permutations are endless till you arrive at your perfect buttie.
malt rolls
Malt rolls using smoked malt flour from Bacheldre mill with malt extract and walnuts. Good with a soft blue cheese but not with jam!
Harvest mice
Fun to shape and bake but healthier than a cupcake! Use one batch of roll dough for 12 mice.
Pittas with onion seeds
Quick, easy, cheap, tasty bread to eat with stews, curries, dips and so on.If you don't like onion seeds use toasted sesame seeds.
Anster whey bread
The liquid in this recipe is whey which gives the bread unusual cheesey taste. It is very definitely a savoury bread not suitable for jams/honey or anything sweet. It isn't always possible for me to get whey so on any course this is "if possible"
Wee baguettes
They don't last long but then they don't need to. Delicious more or less straight out of the oven. The trick is to use a really wet dough but not so wet you can't handle it once it is proved. The moist dough is what develops these lovely holes you fill with butter/jam etc.
Malt loaf
This is a sweet, moist nutty tasting loaf made using malt flour, malt extract, a little honey and sultanas.
Wholemeal loaf and Wholemeal cob
Good wholesome stuff but not heavy. With a long fermentation it is easier to digest and tastier. The loaf recipe has soft brown sugar in it to help to keep it moist.
Pane di Como
A great crust on a light sweet bread full of holes. This moist dough uses milk/water and malt extract.
Staffordshire oatcakes
A sort of yeasted oatmeal and white flour crepe, unique and delicious. Good with sweet and savoury fillings.
These little Russian pies are traditionally filled with cabbage, onion and chopped hard boiled egg. Simple and simply delicious.

Yeasted white breads enriched with butter and eggs

Milk loaf
a light creamy coloured bread. Because of the butter and syrup in this bread it toasts quickly to a lovely golden brown. Ideal breakfast bread, fresh or toasted.
Lemon bread
Light lemon scented bread with a lovely yellow crumb. Great for breakfast but it doesn't keep. So just eat it.
A wonderful platted bread to share of a morning and it's fun to make, child's play.
The dough is a very straightforward milk, flour, salt and yeast mixture. The work is in laminating the butter in the dough. Fresh crispy home made croissant are unbeatable and worth the effort. Helpful laminating and shaping diagrams here.
Lots of butter and eggs so not for everyday, but delicious now and then.
Walnut cob
This loaf isn't enriched with eggs or butter but has a walnut paste kneaded into the dough. The walnuts, honey and good wholemeal flour make this as near cake as good bread can get! Wonderful on its own or with a dod of cheese.
Pizza with an overnight sponge
Although this recipe/method takes about 20 hours end to end there is very little work to do and no kneading. The flavour of the bread base is the reward for the time invested. Give it a try - needs lots of flour to make it easier to shape the very soft and wet dough but it is worth it.

Yeasted breads made with olive oil dough

Focaccia is a meal in itself traditionally garnished with olives and sprigs of rosemary, but very adaptable. Use good quality olive oil.
Olive cob
A good bread to have with a salad - not too heavy but with a flavour to compliment the greens.
Arabian flatbread
Very soft and silky, made with lots of oil. These are deliciously different from the pitta breads in the recipe above.
Delicious little rolls made with olive oil dough. The dough takes a while to prove but the shaping and firing are quick


Sweet Sourdough Cob
This is a sourdough made with a little honey - a soft crumb but a chewy crust and wonderful flavour.
Crusty white Sourdough
This is a simple sourdough almost all white flour - with a manageable dough.
Sourdough pancakes
Instant food with a really distinctive taste. This is what to bake if you have too much starter.
Notes on Sourdough Starters
Yet another attempt to demistify starters - just do it!.

Unyeasted Breads

Freuchie Soda Bread
My version is baked in a tin rather than as a farl on a griddle. Good fresh or toasted. Yummy with strawberry jam. (but then most things are, I suppose)
Good anytime, anywhere with anything. Easy to make, keep well, cheap to make. Sounds like a Hogwarts recipe to me!
Oatmeal pancakes
The oatmeal gives a lovely nutty taste (well oatmealy really). There is no wheat in this recipe, but still a small amount of gluten.
Hazelnut flapjacks
A mixture of rolled oats, medium oatmeal and crushed hazelnuts make for a good crunch, then there's the syrup, sugar and butter to make them iresistable.
Shortbread made simply, with good butter and baked slowly is a delicious treat. There are variations in flours and shapes given in this recipe.
Wholemeal scones
So quick, 30 minutes from thinking about it to eating it. Good coarse wholemeal is the secret, that and speed.
Fruit & nut scones
Just as quick and just as easy. Walnuts or sultanas are good additions. These are good with jam or just butter.
There's a recipe here but this is really free form. These are the easiest things to bake, quick and plenty opportunity to use your imagination: morello cherries, walnuts, lime, ginger …

Yeasted cakes and buns

Yeasted Simnel Cake
Traditionally made for Mothering Sunday. This is a sweet bread with marzipan in the middle, more substantial than the unyeasted version. Real comfort food.
Hot Cross Buns
Lots of orange zest, ground ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg make these really tasty. I think they are even better next day, toasted.
St Lucia Saffron Buns
These buns are a traditional Swedish bread to celebrate St.Lucia's day on 13th December. They are not over sweet which at Christmas time is a bit of a relief.
Rosemary & raisin Buns
These Italian buns are not too sweet and have no spices, just big juicy raisins and a hint of rosemary.
Masses of almond flakes and a good dose of brown sugar and butter for the filling, need I say more?? Thank you Norway.
Really one of these things where homemade beats shop-bought by a mile.
Plum cake
This is delicious and looks so colourful and appetising. Good when plums are plentiful.
Poppyseed Roulade
The filling for this Polish Christmas roulade is a mixture of soaked poppy seeds, mixed peel, ground almond and butter. The sweetened bread, rich filling and sharp icing combine beautifully. Go on, have another slice…..

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